Do you have a business project that you're too busy to dedicate the time and effort too? Admin too busy, or doesn't have the experience? Contact us right away! We can do it!

The Jafel Group is comprised of an award winning group of team members who has worked with local and global companies of all sizes for 15 +years. We can take your ideas and bring them into reality, and complete your business objectives and projects quickly and efficiently. Once you talk through your ideas and concepts with us, we can find solutions, make decisions and design action plans to move things forward. We are fast, efficient, and most importantly, cost effective! You'll only need to check-in with your project manager or the team for scheduled status updates or when something new pops up. However, our lines are always open!

Most Strategy Sessions are virtual, either by phone or video conferencing. However, in person meetings are welcome!

  • High level, administrative project support
  • Quick and efficient, high quality service




  • "Thank you all for your support of our first large teambuilding event."
  • "You turned the company directory from an idea that's lingered to a reality. She found a solution that we can
    economically own and update over time. It connects colleagues to subject matters
    and faces, improving culture. Data verification was not easy and she project managed it to
    completion, all the way."
  • "Thank you so much for all of the help you are doing with the budget!!! I realize that it is a lot of extra work for you, and want you to know that we could not get this done without you! Thank you for
    your support on this!!! "
  • "What can I say? You make things happen! You were such a big part of the companys success at the forum this year and in addition, you do it all in a cost effective way! Once again, you worked your magic for our
    off-site strategic planning session. This allows us to cut on expenses and still achieve
    top results. Thanks for all you do! The company needs and benefits from it! "
  • "Your contribution to the success of the Cross Collaboration Team Meeting was outstanding. Many thanks for all you do! "
  • "Thank you for all of your efforts to assure that we had a productive, seamless, and stimulating
    off-site. meeting. Your hard work both in preparation for the meetings and on-site played a
    critical role in the success of our two-day global meeting. Many thanks!"
  • "I wanted to belatedly thank you for your work in making the Global Summit such a success! We have
    received incredible feedback on the meeting, and I know it was because of your hard work and dedication!"
  • "Thank you for your support with helping to make the Global Pharmacist Advisory Board a tremendous success! "
  • "Excellent Teamwork
    Thank you for going above and beyond to make the Global meeting a great success. The work leading up to
    the meeting was massive. Without your contributions and amazing teamwork you helped to make the
    meeting a great success. Thank you! "
  • "Your contribution to the success of the team reviews was greatly appreciated. You did an
    outstanding job coordinating key aspects of the reviews. Great job!"